Accelerated Nursing Programs Increase in Popularity

Accelerated nursing programs continue to grow in popularity as graduates and current students take note of the tough job market and seek to move into the nursing field, which offers more job opportunities and long-term security than many other fields.

According to a story this week in the State Journal Register in Springfield, Illinois nursing is getting a second-look by students worried about their prospects in a still recovering job market.

Speaking of the advantages of accelerated nursing programs, Gloria Brummer, an associate professor at St. John’s College of Nursing, “The benefit is you get to begin your practice earlier,” Brummer said. “That is very attractive to students who already have a degree, because they can get started on a new career sooner.”

At St. John’s, twice as many people applied for the accelerated nursing program than there were spots available, indicating significant demand for accelerated nursing programs.

Dr. Cynthia Maskey, dean of health professions at Lincoln Land Community College, said she notices the demand for nurses is on the rise.

“The demand is always steady,” she said. “But it does tend to go up and down with the market forces, so sometimes there is a shortage.”

This is good news for accelerated nursing students, assuming they can get into a program.

“We always have more students wanting to get in than we can accommodate,” Maskey said.