Can You Get an Accelerated Master’s of Nursing?

Master's in NursingMany prospective nursing students are aware of the fact that accelerated bachelor’s programs exist, but some are left wondering if they have an option to get an accelerated Master’s of Nursing as well. A Master’s of Nursing will help take you further in the field by preparing you to be not just a nurse, but a leader who trains the next generation of nurses.

With your MSN, you can hold prestigious titles like Chief Nursing Officer or Director of Education. Unfortunately, it is not practical for some prospective students to enroll in a traditional program that can take much too long to complete. Fortunately, there are accelerated options that can help you further your career faster. Read on, and learn about your options to earn an accelerated Master’s of Nursing degree.

Who is an Accelerated MSN Program For?

Accelerated programs are not for everyone. The entire purpose of this innovative type of program is to allow non-nursing students who already hold a degree to apply some of the credits they have completed to earning a nursing degree. Those who want a fast-track program and who have proven their ability to succeed in a college environment are invited to apply. By entering into an MSN program that has an accelerated format, you can make the most of the academic training you have already received and still receive the in-depth nursing training that you need to practice nursing or to ultimately become an educator or leader of nurses.

More and More Accelerated MSN Programs Are Being Developed

According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, there are currently 71 accelerated MSN programs offered nationwide. This number is projected to grow as the population’s need for more nurses creates a need for more nursing leads and educators. Since the demand for these fast-track programs is growing, it is only natural for more institutions to develop their own version of the accelerated program that is AAACN-approved.

Another reason why accelerated programs are becoming more accessible, is because of the encouragement of state and federal legislators. In order to help increase the supply of graduates that will be available as the field grows, these legislators have offered more grants and funding to nursing schools with an accelerated option. This also means that you may be able to find more opportunities for aide and scholarships.

How Long Does It Take to Earn Your MSN?

Typically, you are required to have a bachelor’s degree in any field from an accredited school and a 3.0 cumulative GPA to be considered for this type of MSN program. You will also need to have completed some prerequisites which may include: statistics, developmental psychology, nutrition, anatomy and microbiology. If you have this under your belt, you can earn your degree in a two-year advanced practice component. The time it takes will depend on your enrollment status. You will also need to sit for the national exam to become an RN once you earn your degree.

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The healthcare field is offering many opportunities. If you want to switch careers and you have a degree, it could be beneficial to enroll in an accelerated MSN program. By doing this, you can earn your accelerated Master’s of Nursing and then hold a mid to upper level title in nursing.