What is a LPN to RN Bridge Program?

License Practical Nurses help patients in an efficient and professional manner. One of the major advantages of being an LPN is that they can finish their education fast and obtain a certificate to work.

They also get a good salary, and their job prospects are quite promising. However, the market is progressing continuously, and LPNs sometimes have to compete with registered nurses who often get more benefits. An LPN to RN bridge program helps level the playing field. This is because an LPN who has finished this program will have more chances to grow professionally.

A Level-up Program

This professional bridging program ensures that an LPN has better opportunities to prove their mettle. An LPN to RN bridge program makes sure that an LPN can get their RN certification in a very short period of time.

This program is available for LPNs either in schools or online. Apart from that, there are lots of schools that offer this as part of their distance learning programs.

The Basics

With the best types of interaction between students and the instructor, education takes place through live sessions, chats and emails if it is an online based program. An LPN has to undergo courses with proper outlines and accomplish all of the requirements mandated.

Class activities give students a lot of things to work on. This often brings in good results, and the students are ready to work as registered nurses in a medical facility as soon as they finish.

Nuances of the Program

An LPN to RN program focuses on the functions of the nursing profession. This enables an LPN to obtain the practical knowledge of what is required to be a Registered Nurse and what it is really like to do the job. This program also requires the LPN to have a transcript of their records from the institution where they have finished their LPN program.

Aside from that, they should have a GPA that is above 2.5. They should also be in possession of the most active and recent LPN license. People should also bear in mind to take a close look at the schools that they are applying to as some of them ask applicants to have a minimum of ten years of experience working as an LPN in order to be accepted into the program.

Other Important Requirements

An LPN should get recommendation letters along with a letter of intent and should have finished the prerequisite courses that are required before starting their program. It usually takes an LPN one year to a year and a half to become an RN.

This program makes sure that an LPN is eligible to take the examinations in order to be a registered nurse. Once they have passed this examination, they are entitled to an RN license and can start working as a registered nurse.

The Bottom Line

An LPN to RN bridging program is a perfect platform for people who want to take the next step forward in their nursing career. These programs help them obtain the best foundation to practice as a registered nurse. At the same time, it allows them to see the profession in a very new perspective. This makes LPN to RN programs indispensable in the field of nursing.

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