Accelerated Nursing Programs in Maryland

An individual who works as a registered nurse may obtain a nursing degree from one of the many accelerated nursing programs in Maryland. Accelerated nursing programs are designed for individuals who already have obtain a registered nursing degree and want to receive their bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. Maryland has many campus-based programs as well as online programs that offer accelerated nursing classes for individuals who are looking to expand their career. Some accelerated nursing programs may require longer time frames then others schools. The specific requirements will vary among academic institutions.

Schools for Accelerated Nursing Degrees in Maryland

A registered nurse may attend campus-based classes to obtain a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree at John Hopkins University, Bowie State University, Towson University or Stevenson University. Attending a campus-based school could surround an individual with other students who may share similar interests. Some individuals may prefer the atmosphere of classroom instruction versus an online format. Individuals who prefer to earn an accelerated nursing degree online may enroll at University of Maryland, Walden University, University of Phoenix or Capella University. Online classes could be more convenient for most individuals with busy schedules. Obtaining an accelerated nursing degree online enables a individual to learn, ask questions and complete assignments at their own pace.

Benefits of an Accelerated Nursing Degree

Accelerated nursing degree programs in Maryland provide registered nurses with the opportunity to work toward their specialized field of interest. Individuals with an RN, BSN or a MSN degree may decide to seek opportunities in fields such as neonatal, nurse anesthetist, nurse practitioner, critical care nurse, Gynecology nurse. The benefits of an accelerated nursing program for an individual may be to received their degree and to begin working in their specialty field sooner. An increase in pay is also an incentive that motivates many nurses to acquire advanced training.