Accelerated Nursing Scholarships and Financial Aid

Accelerated nursing degree programs are intended for aspiring registered nurses who have a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing discipline. They are offered at both the bachelor’s and master’s degree levels, and they build on prior learning experiences to enable individuals to transition into the nursing field. While these programs can be expensive, there are a variety scholarships and other financial available.

Where to Find Nursing Scholarships

Students who are searching for scholarships often become overwhelmed due to the vast amount of information available. A helpful place to start searching for nursing scholarships is the financial aid office of the nursing institution. Often times, financial aid advisers can provide a wealth of information about nursing scholarships. Another good place to look is national nursing organizations, as many often a wide variety of nursing scholarships. Examples include the American Associate of Critical-Care Nurses, Oncology Nursing Society Foundation, and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. There is also an array of scholarship search websites that provide results on nearly all types of scholarships.

Popular Scholarships for Accelerated Nursing

Here are some of the most popular scholarships for students pursuing an accelerated nursing degree.

After College/American Association of Colleges of Nursing Scholarship
This scholarship program was created for all nursing students, but special consideration for the reward is given to students enrolled in accelerated bachelor’s or master’s degree programs in nursing. Two scholarships of $2,500 are granted eight times per year.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation New Careers in Nursing Scholarship Program
A program developed to assist in decreasing the nursing shortage and promoting the diversity of professionals in the nursing field. It provides grants to schools of nursing to provide college graduates of non-nursing disciplines with financial assistance for accelerated nursing programs. It provides five to 30 scholarships per year to schools of nursing with a total of 400 scholarships available.

Accelerated BSN Scholarship from the Miller School of Medicine
The Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami created this program to provide full in-state tuition for students pursuing accelerated BSN programs at the University of Miami School of Nursing. Recipients also receive a stipend for books.

William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship for Accelerated Nursing
This scholarship program was founded at the University of Missouri specifically for students enrolled in accelerated nursing programs. The scholarship helps pay for tuition and fees for students attending the MU Sinclair School of Nursing. The award amount varies by student.

Minnesota State University Accelerated Nursing Program Nursing Faculty Scholarship
Faculty members, alumni, and administrative staff of Minnesota State University have contributed funds to create this scholarship for accelerated nursing students. The eligibility requirements include full-time enrollment in an accelerated nursing program at Minnesota State University and a GPA of at least 3.3.

Other Financial Aid

Since students in accelerated nursing programs already have a degree, other financial aid options are limited. However, many potential employers are partnering with schools and offering tuition repayment in agreement of employment for a certain amount of time following graduation. Some federal funding may be available to students demonstrating financial need, such as Federal Stafford Loans. Other financial aid options include alternative loans.